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My name is Francesca and I am delighted to be your private guide!

My life has been divided between two countries, France and Italy, between baguette and spaghetti, the impressionist painting of Monet and the realism of Caravaggio, the French Cartesian spirit and the Italian improvisation and creativity, becoming the result of a unique balance between these different, yet complementary, European cultures


I have studied in both countries: I hold a master’s degree from the University of Milan in English and French languages & tourism management. Later, I acquired an in-depth knowledge of French culture, art and history, thanks to literary studies at the Sorbonne University, along with art and history courses at Nanterre University in Paris. Finally, working as a teacher made me discover the pleasure of sharing my knowledge and passion with my pupils or anyone who is interested in French language, art, history and civilisation.


In 2014 I was awarded the title of Guide-Conférencière (accredited cultural guide) by the French Ministry of Tourism. This licenses me to work as a national tourist guide throughout France in English, French and Italian.

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FM Tour France - Francesca Magnani


Phone: +33 6 72 33 60 61 (France and WhatsApp)

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